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Want to add languages to your event? Here's how to get started:

1. Start a conversation with one of our producers today.

2. Tell us which languages and features you would like to add.

3. Your producer will suggest the best solution matching all of your requirements.


Your Event

On the day of the event, we will be there from start to finish, installing, testing and monitoring the event throughout.

The interpreters provide remote simultaneous interpretation via our Congress Remote Interpretation platform from anywhere in the world. Delegates will hear an almost instantaneous audio translation of your event live on their smartphone or headset using the software.



Our team will check and test the venue connection or presenter remote participation, liaise and train the interpreters, and configure all languages on our Congress Remote Interpretation platform prior to your event.


Equipment Type

Next, we determine the equipment type for your event i.e. cloud-based, traditional or hybrid. This will all depend on the remote location of your interpreter. Read more about equipment types here



We start by discussing the details of your event i.e. date and venue location, number of languages and number of delegates

How do I implement Remote Interpretation at my event?

Congress Remote Classroom


For large scale virtual conference meetings. This interface is useful for sessions with more than three remote speakers. Classroom mode also offers Chairman functionality, allowing the user to have full control of the conference. They can:

  • See the list of active and non-active speakers
  • See who requests to speak
  • Unmute or mute speakers
  • Log speaker users out

Congress Remote Meetings

For virtual conference meetings, with a maximum of six remote speakers. Users can use numerous tools such as screen sharing, event chats and private chats between users. 


Congress Remote Event Pro


For a conference with an onstage speaker. This interface offers the highest possible resolution video as it is designed to stream video from an external camera and sound from an on-site AV system. 

Remote Interpretation Applications

Presenters are remote

  • The platform will capture the presenter's audio and video either directly or through our videoconferencing gateway.
  • It then streams the event to delegates through either the organiser’s preferred streaming platform or the Congress Rental RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation) app.

Interpreters are remote

  • Our expert technicians will take the presenter’s audio and video presentation and provide this through the remote interpretation platform to the interpreters.
  • The interpreter's audio is then fed into a dedicated language channel that both on-site and off-site delegates can tune-in to.

Delegates are remote

  • If the interpreters are on-site, we take the interpreter’s audio and directly stream the combined audio and video feed to delegates. To their mobile phones, laptops & PCs
  • Each language has its own dedicated Audio stream, allowing delegates to enjoy a consistent viewing & listening experience.
  • Delegates use our Interpretation smartphone app to listen to their language.

The remote simultaneous interpretation platform works differently depending on who is remotely connected

  • Delegates can listen to interpretation via the app on their smartphone or on a laptop using our Congress Remote Interpretation software
  • The app is available on both iOS and Android and is free to download
  • Delegates access the app using the unique event code
  • URL deeplinks allow delegates to be connected to the app from a single link on the client's webite.


Audience members may use their smartphones, tablets and/or laptops via Wi-Fi or mobile data networks to listen to the human interpreters working in real-time.​ Members of the audience may also use traditional headsets with standard IR Receivers. 

  • Interpreters log into the Congress Remote Interpretation platform on their computer​
  • HD audio and video of the event will be streamed to the interpreters via the platform
  • The interpreters' audio will be instantaneously transmitted to the event
  • Interpreters can chat to each other via the built-in chat functions and Congress Rental technicians during the event.


Interpreters use personal laptops / desktops to receive the video and audio streams from the event. They interpret the language then stream the interpreted audio into the appropriate language channels on the platform. Interpreters can chat between themselves and also with the technician.

  • Monitor Audio and Video Channels of speakers and event chats
  • Send private chat messages to speakers
  • Block users microphone
  • Log users out
  • Mute microphones and turn off video


The Chairperson has full control in managing the meeting on the Congress Remote Interpretation platform. Functionality allows control to mute or unmute users’ microphone, change users’ incoming and outgoing channels and log users out.

  • Event chats for Q&A
  • Live Captions
  • Private conversations between users
  • Easy selection of desired language


Presenters usually use a laptop to create a video and audio source stream. They can also see the video and audio from the other presenters. This combined stream goes to interpreters and other users. They also have access to live chat functions for public or private chat if they choose to stay muted.

How does our Remote Interpretation platform work for each user?

How Does The Remote Interpretation Platform Work