• Interpreters work from a remote location via the Congress Remote Interpretation platform​​
  • Delegates wear traditional headsets to listen to the interpretation
  • ​​Eliminates problems with Wi-Fi streaming to large audiences
  • ​​Perfect for longer events where smartphone battery life wouldn't be sufficient

Hybrid: Remote Interpreters + Traditional

Video Remote Interpretation Equipment

  • Our cloud-based remote interpreting platform is connected to the on-site audio system​​
  • The audio signal from the interpreters is streamed to a traditional infra-red transmitter
  • ​​HD video of the speakers will be streamed to the interpreters on the Congress Remote platform​​
  • Additional languages can be easily offered without having to install booths on-site

How Our Hybrid System Works

  • Interpreters work on-site in a Congress Rental booth
  • ​Delegates listen to the interpretation via the Congress Remote app on their smartphone
  • ​Save money on traditional headset costs
  • ​​Lowers the risk of headset losses

Hybrid: Smartphone + Traditional






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