Why our clients love working with us

"Several of my CHOICE colleagues shared that this interpretation was much easier and more useful than other services we have used in the past. All in all, we are very satisfied! Hopefully we can stay in touch for 2021 for potential future collaborations."


- Benjamin (CHOICE for Youth), December 2020

"Our sincere thanks go to you and the Congress teams for an outstanding preparation and management of the event. Through your very expert and professional approach, combined with a calm and friendly interaction style with all of us, you gave us full confidence and peace of mind that everything would go well - and it did!"


Christine do Phan (International Service for Human Rights)​, September 2020

"I want to thank you all for your excellent support, not only during the ICANN meeting but also throughout the preparation phase. We have all appreciated your patience, your expertise and your assistance! It has been a very fruitful experience for all of us. We look forward to working with you in future meetings!"


- ICANN68 (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), June 2020

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How we make it simple for you to add Remote Simultaneous Interpretation to your event:

1. We'll ask you what language combinations you need.

2. We'll ask you for more details about your event (i.e. duration, preferred platform(s), meeting/event topic...)

3. We work with you to create a solution based on your requirements.

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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation - More than just a platform

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation requires many components to ensure that the language interpretation service is of the highest quality:

Professional simultaneous interpretation services from the best conference-level interpreters worldwide.

Professional interpreter services – Access to a worldwide pool of high-quality, conference level interpreters.


Remote interpreters that are trained, trained, configured, checked, and tested.

A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform that is reliable and stable with many satisfied customers.

Trained remote simultaneous interpreters using hardware and software that is checked and tested.

A stable and reliable Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform with many satisfied customers.

A production team with extensive experience delivering high-quality Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions

A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation mobile app that is available on both Google Play and the Apple app store.

Professional engineers with experience in Simultaneous Interpretation platforms and technology.

A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation mobile app that is available on both Google Play and the Apple app store.

A company to partner with that provides a complete range of solutions including cloud-based, hardware-based, and hybrid interpretation solutions.

​A remote interpretation platform that can be integrated with all video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft, Goto and Google.

A partner who can provide a complete range of live, hybrid, and cloud-based simultaneous interpretation solutions.

​A remote Platform that can be integrated with all video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft, Goto, and Google.

Our knowledge and expertise in Remote Interpretation Solutions make us the experts to consult when you need to add Remote Conference Interpretation to your live or virtual event. From hybrid to video remote translation systems, we have you covered.

Why clients love working with us

- Steven Chown, President of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Integrate Remote Simultaneous Interpretation with solutions you already use

From Facebook Live to Zoom, we can integrate Remote Simultaneous Interpretation into any video-conferencing or streaming solution seamlessly.

Our experienced technical producers will produce and manage the language integrations from start to end.

Professional Services

We source only the best interpreters from across the world to match your needs and budget. Learn More>

World-class Interpreters

Ensure you are streaming the highest quality audio possible to delegates with dedicated professional hardware.


Our Remote Conference Interpretation Platform streams uncompressed, low-latency audio feeds to delegates world-wide.


Premium Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions - More than just a platform

Organisations and brands from around the world love our solution

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

Simply, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation allows professional interpreters to provide high-quality interpretation for your event from anywhere in the world. It means that you can instantly reach audiences worldwide by engaging them in their native language.


Integrate our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solution with any of your preferred platforms, or host your event directly on our platform for the full experience. Whichever option you choose, our production team will work closely with you to create the perfect Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solution, from scoping requirements to monitoring and managing the language streaming. Watch our video to learn more about how the solution works.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is the best way to truly engage delegates from a variety of language backgrounds. Speech audio is translated by professional interpreters in real-time into any language of your choice, streamlining and enhancing the experience for delegates and speakers.

The premier way to deliver language interpretation for your meeting or event

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