When you need help with integrating Remote Simultaneous Interpretation into your Webex hosted meeting, we are experts and the people to contact.

We simply take your Webex content, video and audio and provide this as a source for Remote Simultaneous Interpreters. The language channels are then streamed to users' smartphones through our language app.

How does the Webex Simultaneous Interpretation integration work?

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How we make it simple for you to add Remote Simultaneous Interpretation to your  webex event:

1. We'll ask you what language combinations you need.

2. We'll ask you for more details about your event (i.e. duration, preferred platform(s), meeting/event topic...)

3. We work with you to create a solution based on your requirements.

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Integrating Simultaneous Interpretation
Into your Webex meetings and events

We are a globally trusted producer of end-to-end, professional Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solutions. Through a mix of expert support services, high-quality hardware and software, and world-class interpreters we make it simple to integrate premium simultaneous interpretation into your Webex meeting or event.

Our experienced technical producers will produce and manage the language integrations from start to end.

Professional Services

We source only the best interpreters from across the world to match your needs and budget. Learn More>

World-class Interpreters

Ensure you are streaming the highest quality audio possible to delegates with dedicated professional hardware.


Our Remote Translation Platform streams uncompressed, low-latency audio feeds to delegates world-wide.


Premium Simultaneous Translation Solutions - More than just a platform

Integrate Remote Interpretation with solutions you already use

From Zoom to Youtube Streaming, we can integrate Remote Simultaneous Interpretation into any video-conferencing or streaming solution seamlessly.

Why clients love working with us

- Steven Chown, President of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research





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