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Want to add languages to your event? Here's how to get started:

1. Start a conversation with one of our producers today.


2. Tell us which languages and features you would like to add.


3. Your producer will suggest the best solution matching all of your requirements.

We are here to help when you want something better. 

  • You want Interpreters who are familiar with zoom and can get the best out of it. 

  • You want support to improve the quality of your zoom calls with Remote Simultaneous language Interpretation “There is more to it than just the platform” 

  • Allow people to speak in any language, and be simultaneously interpreted into every other language.

  • You want your Interpreters supported in a hub with proper Booths & Equipment

  • You want to Integrate zoom with a purpose built dedicated simultaneous Interpretation platform

  • You want to stop complaints from Interpreters who are unhappy with the zoom interpreter interface.


When you need help with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation or any of the above, we are experts and the people to contact.




Everyone’s needs are different, lets have a conversation about what you want to achieve, and we will guide you on the best path.



Having Problems with the Zoom Language Interpretation Tool?



Zoom has a simple language interpretation tool add-on. It allows basic interpretation for zoom calls, but has very limited functionality.


It is not available as part of the free or pro packages from Zoom. You must upgrade to a Business or Enterprise plan to begin using the tool.


Zoom help will guide you through its setup, or contact us and we can manage everything for you.


Integrating Remote Language Interpretation - Zoom

How to create a premium remote interpretation experience


If you are looking for a full premium remote simultaneous Interpretation language experience, we suggest a complete solution or any combination of hardware, software, and professional services:


Professional Services:

Our experienced technical producers will manage the language integrations from start to end. Services such as pre-event training and support, live technical support and monitoring during the event, recording of the event, and post event reporting.



Ensure you are streaming the highest quality audio possible to delegates with dedicated professional hardware. Our interpreter hubs create a professional working environment for interpreters to produce the best interpretation possible for delegates.


Stream an unlimited number of languages during your virtual or hybrid event on our dedicated language streaming platform. Our Remote Interpretation Platform streams uncompressed, low-latency audio feeds to delegates around the world.




Congress Remote Interpretation Platform

Zoom SI

Multiple language channels running concurrently

Relay interpretation

Yes (3x incoming languages)

​Interpreter handover

Interpreter partner chat

The interpreter can listen to their partner

​Monitoring functionality

Live technical support

Pre-event support and training

Dedicated usage reports

Uncompressed, low-latency audio feeds

Yes (20Hz-20KHz)

No (hyper compressed, high latency outside of US)

​Number of languages