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Remote simultaneous interpretation

Integrating Remote Language Interpretation - Custom Video Conferencing Solutions

You want to add language interpretation or language translation to your video conferences.

When you have a customisable video conferencing solution or live video conferencing solutions like Vmix,, ON24, or BlueJeans, we can offer a completely integrated solution.

Language interpretation in video conference

We can help you integrate our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solution as a custom coded I-frame, allowing users to select their language of choice from within the video-conferencing solution.

Everyone’s needs are different, lets have a conversation about what you want to achieve, and we will guide you on the best path.

How to create a premium remote interpretation experience:

If you are looking for a full premium remote simultaneous Interpretation language experience, we suggest a complete solution or any combination of hardware, software, and professional services:

Professional Services:
Our experienced technical producers will manage the language integrations from start to end. Services such as pre-event training and support, live technical support and monitoring during the event, recording of the event, and post event reporting.

Ensure you are streaming the highest quality audio possible to delegates with dedicated professional hardware. Our interpreter hubs create a professional working environment for interpreters to produce the best interpretation possible for delegates.

Stream an unlimited number of languages during your virtual or hybrid event on our dedicated language streaming platform. Our Remote Interpretation Platform streams uncompressed, low-latency audio feeds to delegates around the world.

Interpreter desk
Interpretation software

Want to add languages to your event? Here's how to get started:

1. Start a conversation with one of our producers today.
2. Tell us which languages and features you would like to add.
3. Your producer will suggest the best solution matching all of your requirements.

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